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ASG Pharmaservices offers a comprehensive support service – no matter who the vendor of your equipment or what service you require.
  Machine Servicing  
  On our first service inspection of any machine we will prepare a machine specific annual inspection document.

Whilst based firmly on manufacturers recommended service schedules, our own expertise will be brought to bear, as well as the valuable experience of operators and maintenance personnel to produce a full and valuable document.

After each inspection a comprehensive report will be prepared for you, which will include all short, medium or long term remedial recommendations – work which we will be happy to carry out.

  Valve Servicing  
  Beyond general machine servicing, we offer inspection and servicing on valves (which can be overlooked and become a potential environmental issue) and explosion suppression valves, such as Glatt, Ventex, etc.

These valves are often overlooked, but should be inspected, as a minimum, annually. Failure of a suppression valve could cause large-scale damage to equipment, injury to personnel and could have implications regarding insurance.

  As a part of our services, we plan and undertake upgrade projects to existing equipment. These upgrades range from process improvement projects, through CIP installation, controls upgrades, CE conformity upgrades, etc.  
  Surveys and Reporting  
  In addition to the above services, we offer a confidential and comprehensive full machine survey service, to include all associated services, designed to identify any existing and potential problems regarding safety, cGMP conformity, EHS and process/performance.  
  Servicing & General Assistance  
  Understanding the pressures of a production led environment, our aim is to assist our customers during valuable shut-down periods, and to minimize lost production time, by providing the expertise and man power to carry out after sales work, freeing up your recourses to maintain running equipment and for other work.  
  Breakdown Assistance  
  We also offer breakdown assistance as and when required, drawing on our experience to assist your own crafts people in minimizing down time.